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Beginning in 1983 as a project code-named F1, chairman Eji Toyoda and his team set out to build on the success of the Toyota Supra and Mark II models, aiming to create a powerful, luxury sedan that would cater to an emerging American market. In 1989, they launched the Lexus LS 400, the culmination of some 450 design prototypes and 900 engine prototypes. The entire project comprised of over 60 designers, 2300 technicians, 1400 engineers, and a support staff of 200 working diligently over 6 years.

The year the first Lexus was released, it outpaced many of its competing manufacturers in a variety of categories, and took home the Car of The Year Japan award. With the tremendous effort put into conception and design, as well as the success of the LS 400’s launch, Lexus coined their original slogan, “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.”

Over the subsequent decade, Lexus expanded exports, released new models of sedans, coupes, and SUVs, and in 1999, celebrated its millionth vehicle sold in the US.

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    Lexus Parts Direct are one of the UK’s leading Lexus dealerships. We stock a huge selection of Genuine Lexus parts across the entire Lexus vehicle range. All parts come with a Lexus parts warranty.
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